Meet The Badgers
Matt & cake. Cake & Matt.


Scurvy Scoundrel of the Backend Seas

Hero of the backend, Matt is well-versed in wide variety of server-side technologies. An excellent architect and level-headed decision maker, Matt is the calm voice of reason.

My other computer is a guitar.


Code Automata #C17-F

A jack of many trades, Daniel fears neither the codes nor the pixels. Excitable yet difficult to distract, Daniel's one weakness if the tiny off-switch hidden behind his left ea...

Xian's not-so secret identity.


Design Sensi & Master of Code Throwing Stars

When you need a salivation-worthy design that's intuitive and useful, Xian is your man. But don't be fooled by the mad Photoshop/Illustrator skills. Xian is just as lethal with Python & Javascript. Hide the women & children!

Why “Pragmatic Badger”?

Badgers are fierce, tenacious bad-asses who are fiercely protective of their young. We've at least got tenacious and protective parts on lock.

Seriously, watch this honey badger in action.